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In the early times, Finlay guitars are adopted Chinese spruce. Since 2106, we began to use imported Sitka Spruce. Improve the quality gradually. The wood materials for the top are stored over 2 years.Finlay selects each top strictly to ensure each one reaches A -class with fine and clear grain and striking sound.

Finlay is really earnest and meticulous .

The inside workmanship of Finlay guitar is earnest and meticulous according the the standard of high-end solid guitars.

Abide by the requirements of our brand, we keep the standard of the shape and sticking position of every piece of brace. There is a QC of each process to avoid the unqualified products to next process.

Hand feeling: Through ten years’ accumulation and research, we devised comfortable hand-feel neck which suitable for the Asian consumers. The strings action is according to the high-end guitar’s standard.


Selected Wood
Refined handicrafts
Professional Quality Check-suitable chordal distance
The Details
\High Quality sound beam

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12mm Embroidery cotton bag

12mm Embroidery cotton bag Category: [Accessories]

$5.67 $5.67
pickup UK-2000

pickup UK-2000 Category: [Accessories]

$3.43 $3.43

Pick-up UK-2000

 Model UK-2000
Unit Price ¥3.43
Name Three-stage Pick-up
Usage For UK