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Company Profile

Established in 2011, locates in the most proficient guitars production base Guangdong, FESHANM MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD is a enterprise which integrates production R&D, manufacturing and sales. We have our own guitar brands like Finlay, Joker and TIAMO.

Our company has advanced manufacturing technology, experienced QC and sales team, stable quality. Our goal is to guide our all customers to open more broader development room with zero refund rate. Every year, we will invest much money to promote and popularize through website, papers and Music Exhibition both home and abroad.

We believe that our good quality will be the steady communication bridge linking the customers.


41 Inch OM All Solid Spruce & Koa Guitar


$ 1417.91

40 Inch Cutaway All Sapele Guitar



41 Inch Cutaway Spruce & Walnut Guitar



36 Inch Solid Spruce & Mahogany Classical Guitar



Finlay Guitar

Braces: All braces are selected A-class and 90 degree scalloped. The wood grain is fine and straight. The scalloped braces can guarantee it not deformed during 3 to 5 years.

Neck: Adopted high-density A-class solid mahogany.

Fingerboard: A-class Indian rosewood. Dehumidified, drying and store over 1 year.

Top: In the early times, Finlay guitars are adopted Chinese spruce. Since 2106, we began to use imported Sitka Spruce. Improve the quality gradually. The wood materials for the top are stored over 2 years.

The inside workmanship is earnest and meticulous according the the standard of high-end solid guitars.

Abide by the requirements of our brand, we keep the standard of the shape and sticking position of every piece brace.


12mm Embroidery cotton bag

12mm Embroidery cotton bag Category: [Accessories]

$5.67 $5.67
pickup UK-2000

pickup UK-2000 Category: [Accessories]

$3.43 $3.43

Pick-up UK-2000

 Model UK-2000
Unit Price ¥3.43
Name Three-stage Pick-up
Usage For UK

LPA-1200   LP Electric Guitar

LPA-1200 LP Electric Guitar Category: [Electric Guitar]

$223.88 $223.88

Model LPA-1200
Style LP Electric Guitar
Product Configuration:

Top: Convex Ashtree
Back&Side:High Quality Hardwood
Fingerboard&Bridge:22F, Rosewood
String:Senior Factory Electric Guitar Strings
Tuner:Senior Metal Tuner

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